Friday, July 13, 2012

Walking without the camera

Our assignment was to take a walk somewhere without the camera and journal what we experienced.  For me this was not really new as I often head out the door for a walk with the dogs and leave the camera behind.  Those are usually the times, of course, when I see something I really want to capture.  When that happens I just mentally click it in my mind and add it to my mental image file.  It's pretty full actually...and it's not nearly as easy to review as the photos on my computer!  But to me, just seeing the image can sometimes be enough.

For today's walk I left the dogs at home and went to a place I've always wanted to visit--a nature sanctuary where dogs aren't allowed.  Most of the time when I'm out in nature I have the dogs with me and it's quite different walking without the dogs.  It's so relaxing.   Rithet's Bog is the last remaining peat bog in our area.  Like many wetlands, it's home to a wide variety of birds and butterflies.  I walked the trail part way around it and found it so peaceful to watch the songbirds and the butterflies without thinking that I should try to take photos of them.

I found that my other senses were more heightened on this walk.  I was hearing the songs of the birds and the sound of running water and the wind in the trees.  Also I found I looked up more and saw more of the sky.  (This photo is form my archives and shows a bit of what I saw.)

There was one spot where I really would have loved to stop and take some pictures.  It was a little brown creek that ran into a tiny waterfall with beautiful reflections.  

Now that I've seen this place I will go back there with my camera--and without the dogs (and the husband).  He's pretty accommodating but it's always better to take the time myself and not feel pressured.  


  1. Wonderful description of your experience! How interesting that your other senses were heightened. I've found that too - if I'm so busy seeing, I'm not smelling or listening as much as I could be. I like how you discovered you looked up more. I resonate with your statement, "But to me, just seeing the image can sometimes be enough." I agree. I look forward to seeing the images you make when you go back, now that you've really seen and experienced this new place.

  2. Hi Joanna,
    I too felt a real sense that my other senses were more aware, especially my hearing. I think I may have said this before somewhere in the course but I am always seeing my life through a rectangle shape, ie, taking mental pictures.
    I love the almost see though nature of the leaves in this photo.

  3. What a beautiful light on the leafs of that tree, like your words, happy you loved your walk without your camera. Like to read about it. Thanks for sharing.